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MISCAST Cabaret!

Presented by The Dare Tactic

At the Fulton Lounge

Shown March 10-12, 2016

Directed by Andrew Mullins

Music Directed by Flower Rios

Assistant Directed by Alyssa Kakis

Lighting Design by Quentin Madia

Hosted by Michele Shocked



Zach Carter

Megan Dwinell

Maggie Metnick

Tommy Castelli

Peter Rudilosso

Christian Arma

Darcy Schacher

Taylor Wetnight

A gender-bent evening of riffing, belting, and drag


Alli Green

Ari Raskin

Preston Fox

Alex Knezevic

Austin Backus

Samantha Widmer

Chloe Chidester

Angelica Gorga


Keys- Flower Rios

              and Quinn Corcoran

Guitar- Taylor Crawford

              and Joey Acquaviva

Violin- Samantha Widmer

Bass- Joe Colella

Saxophone- A.J. Newman

Drums- Cameron Nies

Photography by Corrina Day​

Zach Carter and Maggie Metnick
Michele Shocked
Taylor Wetnight
Megan Dwinell
Michele Shocked
Peter R, Tommy C, Christian A
Megan Dwinell and Jonelle Banaszak
Michele Shocked
Preston F, Austin B, Alex K
Alli Green
Michele Shocked
Taylor Wetnight and Darcy Schacher
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