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Audition Technique - Character Study - General Performance

Andrew offers personalized coaching sessions with young actors and performers to help unlock their greater potential. 

Through experience taking and observing performance classes taught by industry directors and casting directors, as well as practical experience in theatrical productions and concerts, Andrew knows what the industry is looking for and how to help you achieve it. 

All coachings will be designed to fit your specific needs and will meet you on your level. 

Rate: $25 for an hour Zoom video chat session 


Audition Technique: Whether preparing for college auditions or that next show, learn how to breakdown what makes an impactful audition and how to make the most of your monologues or 32 bar cuts. 

Character Study: Let's take a in-depth look into what roles you're currently right for and take a concentrated approach to one of these character's material, including songs, monologues, and scene work. 

General Performance: If you have a big performance coming up that you would like help prepping for, or if you're looking for a second set of eyes on a cabaret you're making, let's take a look at how you can best make an impact on your audience. 

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