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Keys- Flower Rios

Guitar- Taylor Crawford

Saxophone- A.J. Newman

Drums- Joe Scardino

Directed by Andrew Mullins

Music Directed by Flower Rios

Assistant Directed by Alyssa Kakis

Lighting Design by Griffyd Cole

Scenic Design by Steven Medina

Sound Design by Nicholas Umezawa


Zach Carter

Megan Dwinell

Alli Green

Austin Backus

Angelica Gorga

Jazley Genovese

Hana Shayna Gottlieb

Justin Lowrey

Rob Milano

Marissa Dooley

Shaunyce Lee

"Mansplaining Song" by Rob Milano

Photography by Nick Mayfield

We're mad and you better believe we're gonna sing about it!

F*#$ YOU Cabaret!

Presented by Stand Up Productions

At The Loft at The Davenport Theatre

Shown October 14-15, 2016

Megan D, Shaunyce L, Jazley G
Marissa Dooley
Austin Backus
Zach Carter and Hana Gottlieb
Full Company
Austin B, Rob M, Zach C, Hana G
Megan Dwinell
Megan D, Austin B, Zach C, Marissa D
Hana Gottlieb
Marissa Dooley and Justin Lowrey
Angelica Gorga
Full Company
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